A nice place to relax in Lavarone. Wellness Hotel Lavarone Bertoldi. Finnish sauna and more

Spa Lavarone, Wellness Lavarone

Our tiny and lovely Wellness area is fully equipped with Turkish steam bath, Finnish sauna, hot tub, sensory shower and relax area with herbal tea bar.

As follows, a brief description of our wellness centre and some useful information about how to enjoy a peaceful afternoon and get the most of it.

Finnish Sauna 

The Sauna offers  physical  and psychological relaxation,  a change  of mood, a cleansing  and inner  detoxification of  the  body  through  the  alternation  of  the  heating and cooling  stimuli  .Your  heart  and blood  circulation and  all other body  functions  will improve  significantly.


  • Skin  cleansing  skin-care  and  stimulation  of  the formation  of new cells;
  • Improvement  of the  body's  defence  system;
  • Exercising of  the  heart  and  the  adjustment  of  the circulation;
  • Stimulation  of  the  hypophysis  and  the  adrenal cortex system;
  • Harmonization  of the  vegetative  nervous  system with general  well-being

Steam Bath

Essential oils extracted from herbs  dissolve into  steam.  They penetrate  the  body through the  skin  and  the  respiratory  system and  work their  positive  effect.  The  soothing  combination of moisture and warmth  brings  relief  from tension,  calms  the  nervous  system  and enhances  the  blood  flow  to  all organs  and tissues,  thus  triggering  their  healing.

In order to get the most of a steam bath session, it is suggested to stay from 10 up to 15 mins max. After the session, sit or lie down comfortably, take a shower, move about for a while and then relax in the whirlpool ore just relax in rest wrapped in the bathrobe.

Whirlpool (Hot Tube with Relaxing Massage)

The unique water technology ensures that the whirlpool you enjoy will always be supplied with freshwater that is close to drinking water in quality. The different massage systems that you can use in the tub will relax and refresh you. They will stimulate and strengthen your body and prepare you for peak performance.

  • Start  the  session using  the  appropriate  buttons.
  • Stretch  out  in  the  tub  with  your  friends and relax.
  • When  the  massage  time  is  up,  leave  the tub,  shower and  move  about  gently.
  • Afterwards, just relax in our herbal tea area and enjoy a cup of tea or a fresh juice.